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151 million children engaged in child labour.

That's 11% of the global population of children.

Protecting the environment is just one aspect of sustainability. Another important aspect is social responsibility. Two matters very close to Only Chill Vibes' heart are poverty and child labour.

Child labour is a problem that is perpetuated by poverty. In certain countries, adult workers often earn so little that they don’t make enough to meet their family’s basic needs. This is why children start working to increase the family income. There is a clear link between child labour and low wages for adult workers – both in agriculture and garment factories.

Many of the estimated 151 million children engaged in child labour are working in the textile industry to meet the consumer demands for low-priced garments. With many of the large clothing companies facing scandal after scandal due to child labour allegations, we are here to shift the paradigm.  

In our opinion, every child should have the right to be a child. By paying living wages to farmers and workers, we help ensure that they earn enough to care for the entire family so they aren’t dependent on the support of their children.

Social Responsibility

We all have a right to a safe and healthy work environment, a living wage, and a legally binding contract. We all have a right to be free from discrimination and harassment, to join - or not to join - a labour union, to choose our work freely. We all have a right to fair and reasonable working hours. And our children have a right to go to school.


Only Chill Vibes has adopted a robust policy with regard to the following minimum social responsibility criteria:

  • No use of child labour
  • No use of forced labour
  • Safe and healthy working conditions
  • Legal labour contracts
  • Payment of living wage
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • No discrimination against employees
  • No excessive hours of work

To ensure that ethical practises and the above mentioned criteria are being upheld, our suppliers are regularly audited for social compliance and are running active monitoring programmes in accordance with standards advocated by the International Labour Organisation, the Ethical Trading Initiative and other international bodies.