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Wake Up & Connect

4 ways stretching in the morning can benefit your day


1. Reduces and Prevents Muscle Pain

How often have you woken up in the morning and felt pain in muscles like your back? If you know that the pain isn´t caused by illness or injury, there is a great change you will find help from stretching. Stretching relieves and prevents pain in places like your back by reducing tensions in your spine and muscles. For many people this one is the most important from all health benefits in this list.


2. Increased Flexibility

Low level of physical activity and sitting down all day tightens your muscles and reduces flexibility. Stretching in the morning lengthens and relaxes your muscles, which improves flexibility.


3. Better Posture

Tense muscles lead to poor posture. Regular stretching in the morning relaxes and lengthens your muscles. Relaxed muscles keep the back in better shape and improve posture.


4. Improved Circulation and Increased Energy

You may think that an extra ten minutes in bed would do much more for your energy levels than all the stretching in the world, but in reality, the improved circulation caused by stretching increases blood flow to the muscles and the brain, both resulting in the feeling of more energy.


When stretching in the morning, start slow and exhale as you stretch different muscle groups.

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